Five reasons to attend our Autumn Conference in The Hague

Posted on 13 September 2023

The 22nd Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ conference will take place in the Social Hub in The Hague on 19th & 20th October. Here are five reasons why you should join us…


1) For uplift

American public speaking guru, John Bowe, quoting Aristotle, says people listen to other people for one reason and one reason alone, for their own happiness. They’re looking for clues for what will make them happier.

Speechwriters are creative types in corporate environments. When they meet other speechwriters they can talk for hours about how they can’t get access to their speaker, why they have to cut out all the interesting bits and how they never get any clear feedback. And at the conference we learn we’re not alone: everyone else has the same miserable problems.

2) For inspiration

Week in, week out, speechwriters need to hook, hold, and reward the attention of audiences. They practise that skill every week. No surprise then when they turn out to be formidable speakers in their own right.

We pack seven keynote speeches into one day.

In The Hague, we’ll have speakers talking about the genius of Donald Trump, how to give life to your memorial speeches, what it takes to write for the mayor of a big city and the story of how one speechwriter switched from banking speeches to presidential speeches thus making the transition from speeches about value to speeches about values. And much more…


3) For training

We have three options for pre-conference training. Jim Holtje, The Art and Science of 21st Century Speechwriting, James McCabe, Find Your Narrative Strategy, How to use empathy, suspense and surprise to invigorate your communications and John Paul Flintoff, Be The Speaker, What Can Speechwriters Learn By Speaking Ourselves?


4) For Dutch hospitality

The Dutch are formidable English speakers. They have all the talents of a big European country but also the adaptability that they need to function as a small country.

The Hague has been traditionally an important hub of international politics. The International Criminal Court, The Peace Palace, The Dutch Parliament, The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, they’re all there.

The Dutch are about to experience a watershed election which presages the changes that are afoot across Europe.

Civil servant, Ron Meerhof, will be giving us a talk on the direction of Dutch politics over a meal at the International Press Centre on the Thursday evening.


5) For enlightenment

We eschew algorithms, ideology, conspiracy theories, disinformation, misinformation and fake news.

Instead, we have a mixture of pleasant high-brow conversations and moderately humorous speeches with useful tips for how we can do our jobs better when we get back to work on Monday.

You can register here.

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