Speechwriting is now a global, multilingual job.

The Network emerged from relationships that have sprung up at speechwriting conferences organised in Britain, Europe and the United States as well as interactions on social media.

As a member, you will have access to the wisdom of a group of people from many different countries, who have the unusual job of writing speeches.

Because we’re often faceless, anonymous beings within organisations, we need to cultivate speechwriter survival skills: a network of contacts who do the same thing, the ability to talk and write about what we do, and knowledge of where our next career move should be.

At Network events, we invite politicians, business leaders and speechwriters to talk to us about their communication successes and failures so we can learn to do our job better.

In Europe, there is the added problem of translating speeches into several different languages.

We address problems like how to write for multilingual audiences and how to get the best results from interpreters.

To ensure our skills are valued, we need to become a visible part of public life. The European Speechwriter Network circulates information to help speechwriters connect with colleagues and get the recognition they deserve.

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We represent a network of speechwriters based across Europe working in many different languages.

Our members have backgrounds in banking, insurance, law, education, health, entertainment and European institutions.

Through consultation with our members, we can offer speechwriting services to anyone who needs them.

If you would like to find out more, please call 00 44 1202 302574 or email info AT europeanspeechwriters DOT org..

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