Lessons from the European ‘Speechwriter of the Year 2020’ competition

3 January 2020

Write a speech for the African dictator, President Obonjo. It will be delivered at Westminster Hall in front of the Queen, Prince Philip and the Foreign Secretary.

We invited members of the European Speechwriter Network to send in their entries.

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Join us for the Cambridge 2020 Conference

12 December 2019

If your job involves writing speeches for top people, don’t miss the opportunity to meet speechwriters from around the world at our 20th Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ conference at Emmanuel College, Cambridge from 1-3 April.

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Our Christmas Store

7 November 2019

We have a number of gifts available which you can buy for another speechwriter, for a friend interested in literature or politics, or for yourself!

Payment can be made by BACS in pounds or in euros. Just download the Excel order form at the bottom of the page.

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The French Speechwriters’ Conference in Nantes 2019

18 June 2019

Piped music, muted conversation, a late start, it was all a bit disorganised, until Mallika Lecoeur burst into song.

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The first Australian Speechwriters’ Conference by Jason Deutsch

25 March 2019

Despite living in an era of social media and 24-hour news, we still gather to listen to speeches—by political leaders, by experts, and by family and friends.

This isn’t only because we want to be informed, persuaded, or even inspired—ultimately, it’s because we want to connect deeply with the speaker and with our fellow audience members.

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Business Rhetoric: How to turn your words into gold by Mette Højen

8 February 2019

The corporate world needs to redefine the word ‘performance’.

This big idea sits at the heart of Mette Højen’s new book. Instead of focusing on productivity and profit, business leaders should develop their performing skills – because, in every encounter, it’s their ability to persuade and move their audiences that will determine their success.

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Come back Obama! Seven reasons to join us for the 18th European Speechwriter Network Conference at Queen’s College, Oxford

10 January 2019

1) To remember what sanity feels like

ELOQUENCE, sensitivity, good manners – these were the political virtues espoused by Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House.

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Interview with Alexander Stubb

24 October 2018

For our 17th conference, we had the privilege of welcoming a former Prime Minister to speak about the challenges he faces when he gives speeches.

Not only was Alexander Stubb the former leader of a European country, during our conference, he was preparing his campaign to be the Spitzencandidat for the election to become President of the European Commission. We were able to talk to him in a short interview.

Speechwriting: The Finnish Perspective

24 October 2018

Earlier this month we had our first conference in Helsinki, Finland.

This prompted a flurry of interest from the national broadcasting organisation Fle. They featured some of our members, who were speaking at the conference, in a political magazine programme.

These are the bits they posted to their website in English.

A Young Person’s Guide to Speechwriting

20 July 2018

The European Speechwriter Network has filmed a video to promote ‘oracy’ and encourage young people to take an interest in speechwriting.

The 13-minute video was filmed in King’s College, Cambridge during the European Speechwriter Network spring conference.

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