Frans Timmermans fights back

11 July 2016

We’ve seen the Eurosceptics’ speeches: Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan in the European Parliament.

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Don’t show up to a place with an invoice in your hand!

23 June 2016

mikelongAmerican speechwriting guru, Mike Long, was in London this week to deliver a special workshop on ‘Strategic Speechwriting’ for the European Speechwriter Network. One of the many highlights was his mnemonic for constructing a speech introduction.

It went as follows:





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Go to a Speechwriters’ Conference in America

30 May 2016

In 2008, I attended my first ever speechwriting conference in Washington DC. I’m now looking forward to my 17th!

There are three reasons why I enjoy them: it’s my tribe – I find other delegates are just like me.

I learn stuff – for example, at my first one, I heard Drew Westen, who opened up my mind to the links between psychotherapy and politics.

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Our New Limited Edition Tea Towel

25 April 2016

teatowelESNSpeechwriters enjoy ‘wisdom literature’ and there is no better place to put an inspirational quotation than a tea towel.

So we’ve produced our first piece of European Speechwriter Network merchandise – a luxury organic tea towel.

We’ve only printed 100 and they’ve been designed by Mirek Lucan of Lucan Art. They’ve been printed by AMP Merchandise.

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Voici dix bonnes raisons pour assister à Oxford à notre Conférence de printemps pour rédacteurs de discours et professionnels de la communication

28 January 2016
Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.48.55


1) Son caractère inhabituel

Selon les dires d’Henry Boettinger, ‘De bonnes présentations sont comme des fleuves; de mauvaises comme des canaux’.

Dans un milieu de travail, chacun désire naviguer sur des canaux: alors que cette conférence est une descente en eau vive pour professionnels de la communication. L’un des délégués de l’an passé remarqua avec étrangeté la totale participation à toutes nos conférences.

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Rodger Evans’ Berlin Conference Quiz

3 November 2015

Edinburgh-based speechwriter, Rodger Evans, wrote this speech for our autumn conference in Berlin.

1 Who wrote a widely praised book detailing the ordeal of being speechwriter for the Governor of South Carolina?

a)   Barton Swain
b)   Barton Fink
c)   Joey Barton

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Dr Max Atkinson to receive a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award

5 October 2015
Dr Max Atkinson & Lord Ashdown Image: Parliamentary copyright/Catherine Bebbington

Dr Max Atkinson & Lord Ashdown
Image: Parliamentary copyright/Catherine Bebbington

Dr Max Atkinson is to be awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

The award is being made for his outstanding contribution to the theory and practice of speechwriting and public speaking over the past 35 years.

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The Berliner Tagung Redenschreiben

26 May 2015

Dr Jörg Hackeschmidt from the German Chancellor’s office

On 18 May 2015, I travelled to Berlin for a speechwriters’ conference.

I’ve heard anecdotally that it was Lawrence Ragan the founder of Ragan communications in Chicago, who came up with the idea of a conference for speechwriters in the late 1980s.

I’ve got Lawrence Ragan to thank, because when I visited his conference in 2008, it inspired me to organise a European equivalent, and to start the UK Speechwriters’ Guild in 2009.

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Rodger Evans’ Speechwriters’ Conference Quiz

14 May 2015

One of our members who works in the Scottish Parliament, Rodger Evans, wrote this quiz for delegates for our conference at Westminster College, Cambridge. See how may you can answer…

(1) From whom did President Obama borrow the catchphrase “yes we can”?

  1. Postman Pat
  2. Neil Kinnock
  3. Bob the Builder

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Redenschreiber verstärken internationale Kontakte

9 February 2015

This article appeared on the website of the Verband der Redenschreiber deutscher Sprache (The German Speechwriters’ Guild) after Brian Jenner’s visit to their conference in Berlin in September 2014.

Vorsitzender des European Speechwriter Network zu Gast auf VRdS-Kongress

Der Verband der Redenschreiber deutscher Sprache (VRdS) intensiviert seine Kontakte zu den Berufskollegen in Europa. Nachdem VRdS-Gründungsmitglied Willi Vogler Anfang April auf Einladung des European Speechwriters Network (ESN) in Oxford mit einem Vortrag den VRdS vertreten hatte, nimmt nun der ESN-Vorsitzende Brian Jenner als Gast am VRdS-Kongress „Mehr Taktgefühl, weniger Political Correctness“ am 10. September im Tagungszentrum Aquino in Berlin teil (sieh Programm).

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