1st European Festival of Political Rhetoric

6 Nov - 27 Nov 20

Rhetoric is the art of influence, friendship and eloquence – Jay Heinrichs

We’re organising the 1st European Festival of Political Rhetoric from 6-27 November 2020.

The digital festival will include three weeks of events designed to promote the art and craft of effective political communication.

Over 22 days we will have the opportunity to log on to short debates, training sessions, networking events, film premières, book discussions and interviews to widen your knowledge of the art of writing and public speaking.

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Previous Speakers at the European Speechwriter Network

London, Brussels, Oxford, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Berlin

Since 2009, the following speakers have addressed the European Speechwriter Network and UK Speechwriters’ Guild conferences and events.

Many of the contributions have been recorded as podcasts, which are available for download here.

1st Conference, Arts University, Bournemouth, September 2009

Tobias Ellwood MP, Dr Max Atkinson (former speechwriter to Paddy Ashdown), Dr Johann Siebers (University of Central Lancashire), Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton (Creativity Works), Dr Susan Jones (UK Government speechwriter), Phil Collins (former speechwriter to Tony Blair), Phillip Khan-Panni, (former Toastmasters International Finalist)

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