The Essentials of Speechwriting Summer 2021

10 June 2021

How does speechwriting differ from other kinds of writing?

The Essentials of Speechwriting is an enjoyable, hands-on workshop covering the core skills of the craft.

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Speechwriters’ Zoom Conversation


Every Friday afternoon, members of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and European Speechwriter Network, log on to Zoom to share what they’ve been up to

About this Event

These difficult times are a chance to change the way we socialise.

Speechwriting is a very specialist skill and it’s not easy to bring us all together.

But by the miracle of Zoom we can log on every Friday and share what’s going on around the world, what we’re working on, and what we’ve been reading.

It’s a chance to keep up professional connections and get to know some new colleagues.

We invite our new members to introduce themselves. It’s part focus group, part club hangout, part group therapy.

All members of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and European Speechwriter Newtwork are welcome to drop in.

An audience with Dr Max Atkinson

3 March 2021

This event is a collection of short tributes to the work of Dr Max Atkinson. Max will also be responding to some of the presentations and adding his own words of wisdom.

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How to write speeches like Shakespeare

Friday 5 March 2021

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Friends, Romans, countrymen…

Let us talk of graves, worms and epitaphs…

Shakespeare wrote speeches that have lasted for over 400 years (and still bring pleasure).

Scott Newstok is professor of English and founding director of the Pearce Shakespeare Endowment at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Scott has written a book that describes how Shakespeare learnt Latin and rhetoric in Stratford and how that education shaped his mind and his plays.

He contrasts the methods of a Renaissance education with the principles that lie behind a modern ‘utilitarian’ education.

In fourteen inspirational chapters, How to Think Like Shakespeare outlines how Renaissance rhetoricians set out to expand the intellectual horizons of their pupils.
Scott urges us to believe that the purpose of education is not to teach a set of skills, but to enhance our ability to think.
In this Zoom conversation, Brian Jenner, founder of the European Speechwriter Network, will talk to Scott about his vision for a renaissance in Renaissance learning.

As well as offering lots of tips for speechwriters, screenwriters and playwrights, you’ll be sure to get some ideas and exercise you can adapt for home schooling.

There will be a chance to ask Scott questions, and, after the hour, those who wish to do some networking with other members of the audience can do so.

You can purchase Scott’s book here.


You will be sent a Zoom link with your reminder ticket 24 hours before the event.

You will be admitted to the event at 3pm promptly.

You may submit a question in advance.

View Brian Jenner’s video review of the book.

Cambridge Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ Conference 2022

30 Mar 2022

You’re invited to the 20th European Speechwriter Network Conference.

This is the conference rescheduled from April 2020. We will, as far as possible keep the same line-up as promised in 2020, (we may use virtual conference facilities if some speakers are not able to appear or we will find appropriate alternatives).

Why attend?

This conference is for anyone wanting to learn from leading lights in the world of speechwriting.

And for people eager to share their experience with their peers.

Corporate, Government and financial cultures need imagination to communicate.

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Previous Speakers at the European Speechwriter Network

London, Brussels, Oxford, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Berlin

Since 2009, the following speakers have addressed the European Speechwriter Network and UK Speechwriters’ Guild conferences and events.

Many of the contributions have been recorded as podcasts, which are available for download here.

1st Conference, Arts University, Bournemouth, September 2009

Tobias Ellwood MP, Dr Max Atkinson (former speechwriter to Paddy Ashdown), Dr Johann Siebers (University of Central Lancashire), Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton (Creativity Works), Dr Susan Jones (UK Government speechwriter), Phil Collins (former speechwriter to Tony Blair), Phillip Khan-Panni, (former Toastmasters International Finalist)

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