The Business of Speechwriting. Let’s compare France and Britain

21 January 2021
  • Start: 1500 (UK Time)
  • End: 1545 (UK Time)
  • Venue: Online
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Brian Jenner talks to Amélie Blanckaert about the cultural, commercial and creative differences between speechwriting in the UK and France.

About this Event

Amélie Blanckaert worked as a speechwriter for Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Renault-Nissan. She started the Paris-based speechwriting agency Coup de Plume in 2005, which will be renamed 121 this year.

Brian Jenner worked as a speechwriter for Peter Sutherland, the former chairman of BP. He runs the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and the European Speechwriter Network.

Brian helped the French to set up a speechwriting network (La Guilde des Plumes) and he organised a conference in Paris in 2018 (in French) and 2019 (in English).

Amélie spent some time studying in Cambridge, before she became a speechwriter. She teaches public speaking at Science Po and this year her Zoom pupils came from all over the world: China, Korea, India, United States, Africa and Europe.

Brian and Amélie will have a conversation about how they got into speechwriting, the different speaking styles of French and British leaders and how they run their own speechwriting businesses and the kind of clients they attract.

They will talk about how rhetoric is perceived in France and the UK and what they are doing to train the next generation to write and perform speeches.

This conversation is on Zoom and it will be of interest to anyone with an interest in languages, culture and public speaking.

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