The ESN Online Viennese Salons

  • Start: 1600 (CET)
  • End: 1700 (CET)
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Address:

In the second half of 2024, we’re seeing some major shifts in the global political landscape.

The European Speechwriter Network is lucky to be able to draw upon a community of articulate and well-informed people from around the world who are interested in ideas and how they impact society.

On Thursdays throughout the summer we’re running hour-long Zoom salons to discuss geopolitics with particular reference to rhetoric and speechwriting.

Vienna in the early 20th century was at the epicentre of intellectual debates about the future of politics and culture.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed after the Second World War and despite the ensuing turmoil the Austrian capital brought together intellectuals with diverse backgrounds who came up with new ideas to alleviate suffering and improve the lot of humanity.

Inspired by the atmosphere of elegant Vienna cafés, where the rising politicians and emerging writers would hold court and exchange ideas, we’re inviting a diverse crowd of speechwriters to share their impressions.

Using the format of Zoom, we’re hosting a regular series of conversations about what’s actually happening in our respective countries.

We’ll be asking familiar questions.

Why are our political masters failing to change anything?

Is the media reporting trustworthy?

Are things happening that are not being given the attention they deserve?

Speechwriters have a privileged position. They are low status employees in high status environments. The nature of their job requires them to be sensitive and introspective in rooms dominated by schemers and egotists.

While their bosses are mired in the prose of power, the speechwriters are supposed to supply the poetry that makes that power legitimate.

How do we craft visions for optimism and hope in a Europe that seems beset by insoluble challenges?

Join us to listen or to add your own perspective on how to rebuild a world that’s falling apart.