Get one of our new limited-edition enamel mugs

Posted on 21 August 2017

Impress your friends, lift your thoughts, frighten away Brexiteers.

We’ve created the must-have accessory for a professional speechwriter – a European Speechwriter Network mug.

It can be used for your coffee, or alternatively it makes a very fine pot to store your pencils.

It also makes the perfect present for the speechwriter who has everything.

The quotation comes from Ben Johnson – ‘Speak that I may see thee’.

Here’s a passage from Humanism by Tony Davies, which explains why we used it:

The humanist curriculum placed much emphasis on [public speaking] skills, viewing knowledge as inert and occluded until shared and tested in the common medium of written or spoken debate.

But eloquence has a deeper and more intimate relation to the humanist conception of self.

It, as was often said, man is a speaking animal, then we exist most fully not in the intimate interiority of private thought and feeling but in the communality of linguistic exchange.

‘Language most shows a man’, wrote, Ben Johnson, in a vivid phrase borrowed from the Spanish humanist Juan Luis Vives: ‘Speak that I may see thee’.

Indeed the very notion of a ‘private self’, so fundamental to romantic and later conceptions of identity, is alien to early humanist thinking.

These mugs are available for £7.49 + £2.90 (UK) + £4.10 (EU) + £5.15 (US) p&p Email us to make an order.

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