Our New Limited Edition Tea Towel

Posted on 25 April 2016

teatowelESNSpeechwriters enjoy ‘wisdom literature’ and there is no better place to put an inspirational quotation than a tea towel.

So we’ve produced our first piece of European Speechwriter Network merchandise – a luxury organic tea towel.

We’ve only printed 100 and they’ve been designed by Mirek Lucan of Lucan Art. They’ve been printed by AMP Merchandise.

‘We wanted something that presents the fact that speechwriters use the ancient ideas of rhetoric and apply them in a modern environment, hence the bearded figure with the laptop.’

‘Our motto is Think more, say less. As speechwriters, we’re not in favour of spontaneous communication. Things have always to be thought through first.’ said the Network organiser, Brian Jenner

The tea towel is perfect for the office kitchen or it makes a super present for a speechwriter.

You can buy one for £4.99 + £2.80 postage & packing. Email us for details of how to pay.

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